Holiday Camp

The camps we offer during the school holidays are tailored according to each child’s age and ability. Take a look at our holiday camp information below to see if your child would like to join us for a day or week during the school break!
Who do we cater our Holiday Camps for?
We offer the following experiences depending on your childs age and ability. Within the groups, we will challenge children appropriately.
For players who are just starting out, shy, nervous and who lack confidence in their football ability (and even their social skills) our football camps are a brilliant way for children to find something they can enjoy in a group environment.

Football is a perfect way for boys and girls to make new friends and create their own identity. Our football camps are as much about social development as they are football development.

Fun is a top priority for our coaching team and they make sure that everyone has a great time.

For players who are confident and have experience at a local level, our camps are a fantastic way for children to enjoy their holidays in a fun and competitive environment.

Holiday Camps help players improve their footballing ability as we get to work with them for long periods of time. Players will see a difference in their performance and matches when they resume playing in their teams or schools.

A child with ambitions of becoming a Professional Footballer should definitely attend our holiday camps for the following reasons:

Our coaches are experienced in dealing with professional clubs and understand what it takes for a child to get into an academy.
Players need to spend as much time as possible playing and it is difficult to pursue all their training alone or with a parent.
Players must get enough opposed practices and that they are being challenged. This is something that our Holiday Camps facilitate.

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