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About Us

What We Do

With the aim to nourish the talents of young gifted football players, United Pro Football Academy gives opportunities to those seeking a career in professional football and is accessible to everyone, regardless of the player’s background. In collaboration with local schools, and youth and community organisations. We recruit budding footballers between the ages of 6-16 that live and study in London.

Sports professionals with proven careers in the industry, including football, manage the United Pro Football Academy to ensure every player’s potential is recognised. Our team are fully qualified and have extensive experience in sports fitness and safety; allowing our players to pursue football in a safe and enjoyable environment knowing they’re getting the best professional football training possible.


We aim to help players become better footballers by showing them right direction and motivation. We will have targets for them and will make sure they practise Discipline and Respect.

They will have two to three assessments during their season where every player will be graded and given feedback for improvement. They will also have targets set by our specialist within their workshop lessons.

When we feel an individual has made progress they will be rewarded with opportunities e.g trial with a professional club.

We will analyse each individual to have a clear understanding as to where their football education can take them in life.

To show the importance of a balanced life with school / football, we will be getting current and ex-football players and ex-coaches to attend occasionally to give motivational speeches to young individuals to express the importance of studying at school and practicing their practical skills within football.

Working with our professional coaches, will give young players a form of discipline and respect. There will be rules and codes of practices that every player must follow. The environments we create will reflect this aim.

Every player must abide by our positive handshake ethos, where they will meet and greet coaches/players before and after every session.

Time keeping will be strictly monitored as well.

Progress or lack of it will be measured with assessments and match reports from our coaches’/staff members. There will always be a feedback and meeting, so any concerns can be dealt with professionally.

Any player struggling with progression will be given extra help in order to get back on track. We will never give up on an individual.