At Pro Football Academy we aim to nurture the talents of young football players whilst giving them the opportunities and platform to participate either socially or competitively in youth football.
Pro Football Academy is accessible to everyone, regardless of the player’s background, gender or ability. In partnership with local schools, youth services and community organisations we offer coaching to players between the ages of 2-16.
Our team are fully qualified coaches and staff and have extensive experience in youth football and player development. This has created an environment in which each player can play and train in a safe and secure environment knowing that their potential will be maximised.


Our aims and objectives are to help players to develop self confidence and respect through football. By offering up to 5 hours of elite coaching sessions per week with individual development plans and assessment tools we strive to ensure each player makes age appropriate progress at our academy.
All player will have individual goals and targets which will be monitored by their experienced coaches and staff at the academy. All player and parents will receive support in areas where gaps are identified.
Parents will receive regular feedbacks and advice on how to develop and improve each player on and off the pitch. We understand and value the importance of working in partnership to achieve better outcomes with parents and guardians.
We strive to develop well rounded individuals who are respectful, humble and gracious in victory and defeat, each player will respect their peers, officials and opponents at all times.