Whitefield School, Claremont Road, London NW2 1TR


Tailored Programmes

At Pro Football Academy we have programmes tailored to each players’ needs, with the aim to improve any areas of gaps in their individual performances. Our training programmes include fitness and conditioning training, in addition to life skills, cultural awareness programmes, anti-racism and bullying workshops. As part of our programme, we compete in local leagues and a range of organised football tournaments within England and abroad.


  1. Our Syllabus will focus individual player development
  2. The measures of their development will be through practical assessments and reviews
  3. A culture of taking ownership of personal development is encouraged through our  homework programme


Nutrition  .  Fitness  .  Discipline/respect  .  Time keeping/organization  .  Teamwork  .  Motivation  .  Psychology

Professional football Coaching

Our coaches will work on all areas of each players needs, each session will focus on technical details whilst aiming to achieve match tempo and speed, we believe in the concept of mastering the ball to master the game. All players will be encouraged to embrace the ball, being competent and confident, taking risk and taking ownership. Coaches will support players to also develop their game understanding and through active learning, demonstration and questioning.  Coaches will set homework for players to complete outside the academy time as a form of teaching players to take more responsibility with their own development.


The session will incorporate strength and conditioning in addition to sports science concepts

A Career in Football

At Pro Football Academy, all our players are encouraged to follow a healthy living lifestyle, learn and enjoy, grow and develop with our programmes.