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Tailored Programmes

At United Pro Football Academy, we create programmes tailored to each of our players’ needs, with the aim to improve any downfalls in their performance to improve their professional potential for a serious career. All our programmes include fitness workshops, as well as cultural awareness programmes such as anti-racism, drugs awareness, and sports education to help players understand the world and give players the confidence to pursue sports in a safe environment. As part of our programme, we regularly organise football matches within England, playing against other local teams.


  1. Our Syllabus will be similar to the National Governing Body The FA.
  2. The measures of improvement will be through practical assessments/workshop tasks and performances.
  3. There will be homework set to incorporate discipline.


Nutrition  .  Fitness  .  Discipline/respect  .  Time keeping/organization  .  Teamwork  .  Motivation  .  Psychology

Professional football Coaching

Our highly trained and licensed coaches use scientifically approved activities as methods of improving and building Football skills, including ball control, dribbling, passing, kicking, goalkeeping, balance, coordination, agility, and overall technique. Additional activities focus on improving motor development, including speed, balance, agility, and foot-eye coordination. This is achieved while also encouraging and modelling discipline and good sportsmanship.

A Career in Football

At United Pro Football Academy, all our players are encouraged to pursue a healthy, safe, and enjoyable programme in which they can contribute, achieve, and work towards a professional football career that offers financial stability, making football more than just a hobby, but instead a life pursuit.


Our distinctive program mirrors the expectations of excellence in discipline, character, and respect. The learning environment has been created in order to ensure that our Academy student-athletes have every opportunity to develop into top class football players.


All players with basic football skills who are interested in a higher level of training are invited to join PFA Football Academy’s program.